Treasures From The Vault 2021

As our collections are extensive and there is not always a way to exhibit everything, DCHS has created this page to give you a glimpse of some of the artifacts you might not otherwise be able to see.

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February 2021

Photographic postcard of building in Minden after a destructive wind storm on February 12, 1923.


A Valentine’s Day postcard sent to Lina M. Lewis in Genoa from Reno on February 15, 1916  Handwritten on back, "Dear Grandmother, Hope this beautiful weather is improving your health each day.  Suppose there is still snow in Genoa yet.  Love to All, Ruth & Hazel"


Hubert Gottlieb, Genoa, surveys the damage to his front yard on  February 27, 1986


Photograph of the Ritchford Hotel, Gardnerville.  Written across the bottom, “An Early Snow" and  "A. W. H. H., photo".  This is an image photographed by A. W. H. Helberg.