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written and illustrated by Zoe Bray

This book is a story about a child of immigrant parents who learns to embrace different cultures.  Artemesia is Basque, living in Nevada along the Truckee River.  She knows little of her Basque culture until she visits the Basque county.  This book is written in English and Basque, published by The Center for Basque Studies and University of Nevada, Reno



Time to enjoy the out of doors or enjoy our books and plan your outdoors adventures.


If you’ve never tried bird watching, take a look at our three offerings and get excited about learning and viewing our local birds, or by taking a hike and seeing the variety in our mountains.  We have a folding guide created to inspire and support beginning bird watchers.  Match it with the Stokes Beginner’s Guide to Western birds, which features 100 species, information, and beautiful photos.  A little more advanced and perfect for your backpack is Our Sierra Birds, A Hiker’s Guide, featuring over 200 species.  Above all, enjoy your hiking and birding experience!

Best Hikes, Reno and Lake Tahoe has great views, Historic Sites and Forest Strolls along with maps, miles and directions for many hikes.  It is a beautiful book to enjoy at home while figuring out which hike to do first.

For the children our Bobbie Kalman books are an informational, as well as a fun learning experience.  This month we are featuring Historic Communities, Classroom Games book: In the 1700s and 1800s, education was very different than it is today.  Read about the different ways a teacher taught their students from classroom games, spelling games, alphabet games, word games, creative writing and many more!

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