Treasures From The Vault 2020

As our collections are extensive and there is not always a way to exhibit everything, DCHS has created this page to give you a glimpse of some of the artifacts you might not otherwise be able to see.

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November 2020

“The Nevada Magazine” cover from November 1945



This postcard is from Thanksgiving 1919, “A basket of plenty – A basket of cheer to wish you a happy Thanksgiving dear”.


Following the fire at the East Fork Hotel Bar, that part of the building was razed on November 20, 1986.

East-Fork-BarInvoice claim submitted by C. M. Taylor to Douglas County for five meals for election board for a total of $2.50, dated November 7, 1876.   What a deal…work the election and get fed!


October 2020

Here is a Farmers Bank of Carson Valley, Minden, Nevada, calendar page for October 1920. Listed are W. F. Dressler, President, C. M. Henningsen, Vice President, and H. G. Marsh, Cashier


Recognizing our agricultural heritage, this is a newspaper supplement issued  in the “Record-Courier Farm & Ranch 1981 including our Annual 4-H Scrapbook” from October 15, 1981


On the top is a ticket and stub number 48915 for the World’s Columbian Exposition aka Chicago Fair for use on October 9, 1893 which was called ‘Chicago Day’. 

On the bottom is a Children’s Special ticket good for May 1 to October 30, 1893.

Here is a photograph which shows a road grader clearing an early snow from Main Street near Sharkey’s in Gardnerville on October 8, 1985.  It certainly did not snow on October 8th this year!


This postcard dated October 4, 1918 has a touch of humor about a serious subject. It was sent to “Clarence Frevert, 10th Sanitary Trains, Ambulance Company 240, Camp Fuston, Kansas”, from “Your friend John”.

With COVID-19, we have some of the same problems distinguishing those we know behind all the masks.


September 2020

This poster is from the 78th Annual Candy Dance held in Genoa on September 26 & 27, 1996.

This image from the 1930s shows a haystack being built with a Jackson Fork on the Dangberg’s Buckeye Ranch in Carson Valley. Written on the image, “Building a round one – Buckeye”.


The image on the top is of the Heitman Ranch Buggy circa 1930. Seated in the buggy are Luke and Fritz Neddenriep and Zelda Heitman. This courting buggy dates from about 1875. It was originally purchased by Louis Heitman and handed down through his family to his grandson, Dennis Heitman. In 1999, Dennis Heitman donated this buggy to the Douglas County Historical Society. It is currently on exhibit at the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center, Gardnerville in the Wiegand Agricultural Exhibit.


This is a panoramic, black and white image of Gardnerville Elementary School students holding a sign which reads, “Gardnerville Elementary School, Gardnerville, Nevada, September 1962 and was taken in front of the school building.  We have many of these group photographs in our photograph collection.

August 2020

This undated image shows horse-drawn equipment and men loading hay with a ‘new’ side loader developed on the Dangberg Ranch.

Dangberg Ranch


This is a 1920 image of an artesian well used by the Virginia & Truckee Railway and for livestock watering on Dangberg Ranch. In the background, you can see a V & T locomotive and cars.   

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In our continued salute to agriculture in 2020, here are two, undated, early images of shepherds, flocks of sheep and working dogs in Carson Valley.


This image is titled, “Tractor in Action”.   This is an undated image of a caterpillar drive tractor coming out of a hole leveling land on the Buckeye Ranch in Carson Valley.G-304-Tractor-in-Action

July 2020


This is a panoramic image of children holding a sign which reads, “Nevada State, 4-H Club Camp, Lake Tahoe, Nev, July 29, 1956”


Image of Fred Dressler (on the horse) riding the Pony Express Ride bringing mochilla to son, Fredrick Dressler, for the exchange at Genoa on July 18, 1985.

1911 ‘Godess’ of Liberty Float 1911 ‘Godess’ of Liberty Float

1911 Auto Parade1911 Auto Parade

Photographic postcard of the Fourth of July Parade, 1911. “Godess of Liberty” float on the left and parade of automobiles on the right.

 June 2020

Gelatt Livery burning during Genoa Fire of 1910 Gelatt Livery burning during Genoa Fire of 1910

Early image of the Morman Station building Early image of the Morman Station building

On the left is the Gelatt Livery burning in the Genoa fire of June 28, 1910. On the right is an early image of Mormon Station before the fire which destroyed this building.  The fire burned much of the town south of Genoa Lane including the Douglas County Courthouse building now the Courthouse Museum, Genoa, owned by the Douglas County Historical Society.

1909-Lutheran-PicnicBlack and white image of people enjoying some summer fun while attending the Lutheran Church Picnic on June 23rd, 1909, in Gardnerville, Nevada.   Note the shadow of the photographer and camera in the lower left corner of image.  “Everyone say ‘CHEESE’!”


1938 Carson Valley Day parade. The first rider is George Gansberg and the second rider is Ruth Lundergreen.

Poster for 1934 Genoa Pioneer & Pony Express Day created by Lew Hymers Poster for 1934 Genoa Pioneer & Pony Express Day created by Lew Hymers


1934 Genoa Pony Express Sample Cancellation

On the left is the poster for the June 9, 1934 Genoa Pioneer and Pony Express Day drawn by Lew Hymers.

On the right is the sample cancellation for the same event.

May 2020

“Out of Commission”

This image is of the Virginia & Truckee Depot, Minden, May 31, 1950.  The men standing on the tracks shooting guns into the air are: Emery W. Graunke, Dan Hellwinkel, Don Hellwinkel, and Dan Coles.  Pete Ithurburu is playing taps on a bugle.

Rotary Club, 1926

Charter Members of the Rotary Club #2358, May 25, 1926 Charter Members of the Rotary Club #2358, May 25, 1926

Back row: Richard Bassman, Hans R. Jepsen, H. Bridges, Walter Fisher, William Park;

Center row: Slim Roberts, Lyle M (McInnis?), Grover Krick. William Wennhold, John M. Block, William F. Nelson;

Front row: Fred Dangberg, George Dangberg, John Dangberg, Henry Cooper;

Copy of the original Rotary Club #2358 Charter pasted on the reverse side of the imageCopy of the original Rotary Club #2358 Charter pasted on the reverse side of the image

This undated image of dipping cattle on the Dangberg Ranch. The older woman is Mrs. H. F. (Margaret) Dangberg. The younger woman may be Gertrude Dangberg (H. F. Dangberg Jr.’s wife) and her two older daughters, Margaret and Ruth.


This hand embroidered postcard reads, “To my dear Mother”, dated 1918, is part of the Heitman Family collection


May 5, 1909 image of mule teams in harness working on the Dangberg Ranch


April 2020

This photograph from the Grace Dangberg collection has, “Hay wagons loaded to feed cattle at the Sheep Camp Ranch about 1920” and “Feeding 1200 head from Dec. – April sell 1,000 cattle 10,000 lambs per year.”  written on the back.


Written on the back of this photograph, “Carson Valley Sheep in Winter Quarters, April 5th, 1927” and appears to be the sheep pens on Buckeye Ranch, Douglas County, Nevada.


Happy Easter!

1918 Easter postcard sent to Mrs. Hentry Frevert from Edna Champagne1918 Easter postcard sent to Mrs. Hentry Frevert from Edna Champagne


1982 Easter Egg Hunt1982 Easter Egg Hunt

And their fame continues until this day – these young men won the “Nevada Junior 4-H Stock Judging, 1st, 1959”. Left to right are Robert “Bobby” Storke, Dennis “Dennie” Heitman, Jr., Fredrick Stodieck, Russell Scossa, Ricky Heise, and Brett Reed.

If you see them out and about, congratulate them on making Douglas County proud with their 1959 win!


March 2020

Photograph of the Gardnerville Ranchos Volunteer Fire Department building and ambulance. Although the ambulance is from the mid-1960s, this photograph appeared in the Record-Courier on March 14, 1985.


Membership Card – “Carson Valley Whirlers” for Daniel Hellwinkel dated March 1, 1951 and signed by H. R. Jepsen.

Was this a square-dancing group, as some have suggested?


St. Patrick’s Day postcard with “Emblems of Erin” printed across the bottom. It is addressed to Mr. Morris Harris, Gardnerville, Nevada and postmarked March 4, 1910.


Cow and calf on the Dangberg Ranch. Written on the back: “On Sheep Camp Ranch, Minden, Nevada 3-27-34.”Cow-Calf-1934

February 2020

Muller Lane area flooded on February 27, 1986


Join us for our Leap Day, February 29th, 2020, photo identification event, 10am – 1 pm at the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center.

Can you help us identify some of these people who are in Roberta McConnell’s (former Record-Courier editor) photographs?  We could really use your help!

Roberta McConnell Roberta McConnell

Finn twin on left. Harold Dayton in center. Who are the othersFinn twin on left. Harold Dayton in center. Who are the others?

CV Days Wiskerino Contest? Who are these winners? What yearCV Days Wiskerino Contest? Who are these winners? What year?

Sharkey’s Nugget Memorabilia auction held February 22 – 24, 2002, in Sparks, Nevada.

Inside wall of bar area in Sharkey’s NuggetInside wall of bar area in Sharkey’s Nugget


Handbill for the Auction of Sharkey’s NuggetHandbill for the Auction of Sharkey’s Nugget

This postcard reads,  “To My Valentine, You Captured My Heart”. It is addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Champagne of Genoa and postmarked on February 14, 1911. 




Photograph – written on the back: “County machinery and timbers & tin from hay barn. The big gravel loader was completely turned over in Minden 1923.” With this blizzard came a wind storm on February 12, 1923 which tore through Minden.  These buildings were on Buckeye Road.

 January 2020

“Watering Trough in the Snow”, dated January 20, 1938. Juanita Schubert Collection“Watering Trough in the Snow”, dated January 20, 1938. Juanita Schubert Collection

Program – California Midwinter International Exposition Program – California Midwinter International Exposition


Ribbon won by Douglas Creamery Ribbon won by Douglas Creamery


Douglas County Creamery Douglas County Creamery

Souvenir Program from the California Midwinter International Exposition held in San Francisco, California, January 1st to June 30th 1894.  The Gold Medal ribbon was awarded to the Douglas Creamery at this Exposition.  The photograph is the Douglas Creamery circa 1911. Record-Courier, January 7, 1916 headline —

“New High School Opened Monday”

Record-Courier, January 7, 1916 Record-Courier, January 7, 1916


Early Photograph DCHSEarly Photograph

This building is now the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center, Gardnerville, and home to one of the Douglas County Historical Society’s museums and office.

Photograph of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad, Engine #27, on its run to Minden. Virginia & Truckee Railroad in Minden, January 1, 1942.  From the Juanita Schubert Collection.

        “Coming down through the valley.”

“Coming down through the valley.”