Capital Campaign

WWI-Seeing-Boys-OffThe Douglas County Historical Society (DCHS) depends upon support from our community for the repair and maintenance of the two historic buildings which house our collection of artifacts.  They reflect the cultural heritage and development of the Carson Valley from the First Nations to the brick and mortar urbanization of the valley.  Our museums accommodate over 17,000 visitors on an annual basis.

Over the next decade we are facing significant capital improvement projects which include:

  • Restoration of the original hardwood flooring in the CVM&CC:  $55,000*
  • Re-carpeting of the CVM&CC Main Hall, corridors and offices:  $35,000
  • Replacement of the circa 1950 water line at CVM&CC:  $38,000
  • Modification of the NE exit of the CVM&CC to meet ADA requirements $10,000
  • CVM&CC parking lot repair and resurfacing: $4,500
  • CVM&CC flagpole lighting, walkway and memorial brick restoration: $12,000
  • Repair and paint the pergolas at CVM&CC
  • Courthouse Museum Genoa bathroom remodel to meet ADA requirements:  $27,000
  • Courthouse Museum Genoa parking lot reconstruction $23,000
  • Install outside elevator at Courthouse Museum Genoa $40,000

*These figures are estimates.

Through the generous support of our member and sponsors the DCHS has:

  • Converted both of our museums to all LED lighting.
  • Relocated and expanded the floor space of the Van Sickle Research Center.
  • Reconstructed the front entrance steps to the CVM&CC.
  • Created the Edwin L. Wiegand Ranching & Agricultural Heritage Exhibit, a 4,000 square-foot exterior addition to the CVM&CC.

We hope you will support us in fulfilling our Mission Statement to enrich lives by preserving local history and making it accessible to our communities and visitors.  We invite you to schedule an appointment to review these projects and other opportunities supporting the DCHS.

The DCHS is a 501 (C) 3 Domestic Nonprofit Corporation