Treasures From The Vault 2018

As our collections are extensive and there is not always a way to exhibit everything, DCHS has created this page to give you a glimpse of some of the artifacts you might not otherwise be able to see.

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December 2018

Here is a program “Christmas Entertainment” presented by the Genoa School December 20, 1941.


The old bandstand being razed in the Minden Park on December 8, 1983.         


“Peerless Bullfrog Mining Company, Number 2344, (for) 357 shares, December 1, 1906, M. Harris”. The Harris brothers, Abe and Morris, were in Rhyolite during the mining boom with a store and as stock speculators.


November 2018

This is page 18 of the Nevada Magazine, November 1945, with a caricature by Lew Hymers of Nevada brands and their owners. Included from Carson Valley are: George Henningsen, Bill Dressler (former Senator for Douglas County), Fred Dressler (son of Bill Dressler), John Dangberg of Dangberg Land & Livestock Co., and Maurice Mack.


Here is a photograph of Kiwanis poster makers holding their Thanksgiving posters at Douglas High School, November 18, 1982.

Can someone provide us with the names of any of these people?


This overseas postcard is addressed to Henry Frevert in Gardnerville from his brother, William, who was serving in the Army in Europe, and speaks about the death of their brother, Clarence, from influenza. Printed on the front, “These Supply Trains Will Continue Moving As Long As You Folks Buy Bonds”. It is dated November 8, 1918. Information about Clarence Frevert is part of the Centennial of Armistice Day 1918 exhibit at the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center, Gardnerville until November 15th.


As it was then so it is now –  this is a photograph of campaign signs posted along a fence here in Carson Valley on November 13, 1986.


October 2018

Photograph of the H. F. Dangberg wagon used for hauling produce to Virginia City. This wagon was featured in the Admission Day Parade, October 31, 1946 at Carson City.


Pilots, left to right, unidentified man and Cedric J. Brockliss, 1935. Join us tonight at our Historic Cemetery Tour in Mottsville Cemetery and hear more about Cedric Brockliss and how this local boy took to the skies as a pilot with the 7th Bombardment Group in the 1930s.


A naughty postcard, which reads, “Now Bobbie, Kiss Nurse and go to bed. No fear, not me, she might smack my face like she did Pop’s last night when he tried it on.” Postmarked Gardnerville, Nevada, October 18 1914 and is addressed to Mrs. W. Champagne, Reno.


October 10, 1989, Douglas County Engine Company Volunteer Firemen outside Minden Station at the dedication of Pomona Bell. L-R: Don Stangle, Earl Jarrett, Capt. Hopkins, Ron Wilcks, John Folks, Lee Berg, Unidentified, Greg Juchtzer, Bruce Lawrence, Russ Byington, John (?), Dan Hellwinkel, Jerry Reed, Don Hellwinkel, Bruce Hollander, Lawrence Jacobsen, Steve Morgan, Randy Turria, Doug Sonnemann.

Does anyone know John (?)’s last name?


September 2018

Poster for the Candy Dance 67th Annual, Genoa, held on September 26, 1987.


Whimsical certificate which reads, “This is to Certify that on the 20th day of September, 1967, William Souligny did, alone and unassisted take off and return to Douglas County Airport thereby successfully completing his first solo flight”, and is signed by Donald Laustrup.


Colorful football program for the Douglas County High School team vs. Pershing County High School team. This game was held at the Gardnerville Field, Friday, September 24, 1954.


This postcard of the Edgewood Hotel was written to Leana Bull at Waterloo, Nevada and reads,

Dear Leana, E. R. left two of these … will send you one, they ain’t very good, I don’t think. We are all well and hope this will find you all the same. Love to all. Good by, Ethel“.

The postmark reads, “Sep 17, 1908, Bijou, Cal.”


Photograph taken during World War I of automobiles parked in front of the Douglas County Courthouse building. Written on the back: “Dear Fred: This is a picture of the crowd seeing the boys off at Minden on Sept. 5, Yours Fred J. Siebert, Minden Courthouse 1917.”


August 2018

Here is an interesting piece of pre-World War I patriotic themed sheet music, “For His Mother’s Sake” written by Miss Mary Crowell and published by American Advance Music Co., New York on August 14, 1904.                                  


This photograph of Arnold Trimmer, Grace Dangberg and Hans R. Jepsen was taken at Mormon Station at the annual Historical Society picnic held on August 19, 1979.


This photograph from Carson Valley of Jobs Peak is dated August 1, 1942.  There was no smoke filling the valley then the way it has for the past few weeks.


This is a 1995 Carson Valley Historical Society invitation to the Homecoming Dance and Grand Opening of the Carson Valley History Museum & Cultural Center on the evening of August 19, 1995.  Join us on August 4th for the anniversary celebration of our building, 1477 Highway 395 N., Gardnerville, and free admission Family Day, 10 am to 2 pm.


July 2018

Photograph titled, “There is plenty of help” for a pee wee contestant as he ‘ropes the dummy’ at Gardnerville’s Jr. Rodeo, sponsored by Douglas County Fair on July 23, 1987.

Photograph of the Acorn Fire in Fredericksburg area, Alpine County, July 1986.


Photograph of a group of people celebrating inside the Genoa Stockade (Mormon Station State Historic Park) 


and  the program of events for the July 14, 1951, at Nevada’s First Settlement Centennial celebration.  The U. S. postage stamp inspired by the Hans Meyer-Kassel painting was unveiled and received the First Day Issued cancelation in what is now the Courthouse Museum, Genoa. 

Postcard entitled, “Godess (sic) of Liberty”, depicting a float in the 1911 Gardnerville Fourth of July Parade.


June 2018

Carson Valley Historical Society Building Committee going over the restoration plans with the contractor in front of Courthouse Museum, Genoa building. L-R: William F. Schwake, Contractor Carl Falcke, Hans R. Jepsen, President Knox Johnson, Roy Heise, Lois Jones in June 1974.


“Bud McPherson riding Black Diamond at a rodeo in Gardnerville” on June 16, 1940.


Earl May on horseback with Pony Express re-Ride mochila on saddle on June 24, 1982. Today’s re-ride crosses the state line at Woodfords around 2:00 pm.  Head to Genoa this afternoon and watch ‘the Pony’ come through town!


Senior Citizen float for Carson Valley Days on June 4, 1989.


This poster was created for the Genoa Pioneer and Pony Express Day  held on June 9, 1934.  It was drawn by Lew Hymers.


Commencement Program for graduates of the Gardnerville High School held on Friday June 5, 1908, at Valhalla Hall, Gardnerville. Graduates of the ‘Complete Classical Course’ were Mathilda Jepsen, Mary C. Hellwinkel, and Oliver A. Hougner. Graduate of the ‘Special Scientific’ was Benjamin D. Cardinal.


May 2018

Photograph of Farmer’s Bank in Minden, May 28, 1909. Do you recognize this building today?


Genoa School Track & Field Team that won the Douglas County Meet on May 31, 1913. Genoa – 73 2/3 points, Gardnerville, Minden, East Fork, Central, Fairview, Centerville, a combined 59 1/2 points.

Front Row: Homer Raycraft, John Jepsen, Harry Franklin, Clyde Morrison, unidentified, Dick Canonica; Back Row: Tom Raycraft, Chauncey Dressler, Claire Morrison, Wesley Walker, Hans R. Jepsen, Oscar Franklin, Mr. McKeown. Yeah Team!


This is a May 15, 1941 Genoa Grammar School Graduation program. There were four graduates:

Betty Lamar, Carl Falke, Frances Juchtzer, and Herbert Cordes. 

Others listed on the program include Verla Winkelman, Clifford Winkelman, Gertrude Juchtzer, Billie Jean Byrne, Ervan Winschell, Edward Juchtzer, Lucille Cordes, Thelma Winkelman, Virginia Hawkins, Leonard Winkelman, Alice Cordes,  Ewald Winkelman, Duane Mack, Mrs. Ed Palen, and Henry Cordes.

May is Historic Preservation Month. Remembering structures of the past, here is an image of the old Power Dam. Later, it was known as the Douglas County Power & Milling Co. Power-Dam-OldThis image is the Douglas County Power Dam while under construction. Electrical power generated by the dam was used to run the Douglas Mill in Gardnerville among other things.
Power-Dam-1970sThis is an image of the dam in the 1960s or 1970s.

April 2018

Photograph of the Minden Grocery in Minden, Nevada surrounded by snow in this image dated April 23, 1931. It was owned at the time by John and Norma Dangberg Ellis.


Put on your party hat and join us for an “Evening Soiree – Gowns of the Governor’s Wives” being held at the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center, Gardnerville, on April 27, 2018 @ 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm!


Light-hearted certificate from the “Institute of the Blind, Kelly Field, Texas” issued to “certify that Cedric J. Brockliss has completed the course in instrument flying without peeping. Given this 1st day of April, 1932”. Way to go, Cedric! Cedric was a member of 7th Bombardment Group.


Statement from the “Gardnerville Record” dated April 1, 1899. This newspaper later merged with the “Genoa Courier” to become our local newspaper, the “Record-Courier”.


April 4, 1982 photograph of Easter Egg Hunt Dyeing with 20-30 Club members. L-R: Steve Morgan, UNIDENTIFIED, Steve Nalder, Bruce Lawrence, Mike Phillips, Richard Nalder, Jeff Dinsmore.

Does anyone recognize the unidentified man?


March 2018

Let’s all celebrate ‘Cat-urday’ and the 2018 Women in History program today with these undated photographs of four unnamed cats taken by local photographer, Juanita Schubert, a 2001 Douglas County Historical Society Women in History honoree.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  This program for the “Bits ‘O Blarney, An Irish Operetta in Two Acts” was presented by Consolidated School, District A, on March 27, 1931 at the Nevada Theatre in Gardnerville.


Cover of the “Nevada Highways and Parks”, March 1938 printed in purple, black and white. It is a Lew Hymers drawing of cowboys and horses looking down on an automobile driving on a highway through mountains.


The headlines on this Reno Evening Gazette read, “85 Die as Plane Hits Sierra Ridge”, dated March 2, 1964, and tells the story of a Paradise Airline plane, which crashed between Genoa Peak and Kingsbury Grade during a snow storm, killing all aboard. “A temporary morgue, where bodies will be stored and identified, will be established at the CVIC hall in Minden.”


February 2018

Photograph of a snowy trip to the outhouse one day in February day 1939.


Operator’s (Driver’s) License issued to Dan Hellwinkel, who it should be noted was then 15 years old, on February 7, 1941.

1912 Valentine postcard. Written on the back, “Master Myron Jones, Sheridan…Love, Cousin Nelle” with postmarks from Berkeley, California and Sheridan, Nevada.


Here is a photograph of the blizzard and windstorm of February 1923. Donor, Grace Dangberg wrote on the back of the image, “Taken from our back door at Minden, 1923.”


This is a photograph of Jane Rosenbrock working on a patron in her beauty shop on February 6, 1986. Be sure and visit the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center, Gardnerville, and see the new exhibit of Jane’s Beauty Shop downstairs on our ‘Main Street’!


January 2018

“Needlecraft Magazine” dated January 1928 and mailed to Mrs. A. Millar, Minden, Nevada.


Photograph of the aftermath of the January 23, 1995 arson fire, which destroyed the Harris building. At the time of the fire, it housed the Coventry Cross Thrift Store and the East Fork Artists Gallery. Today is the location of the Historian Inn.


A January 20, 1983 photograph of the Douglas County Engine Company Volunteer Firemen.

Front Row L-R: Lawrence Jacobsen, Dan Hellwinkel, Bruce Hollander, Jim Gansberg, Ron Wilcks, Steve Morgan, Jim Gansberg, Steve Erb, Tom Cook, Mike Fisher, Greg Cowden, Jeff Summers, Greg Juchtzer, UNIDENTIFIED (Anyone know?), Randy Turria; Back Row L-R: Don Hellwinkel, John Cressaty, Bruce Lawrence, Lee Berg, Don Atchison, Steven Nalder.


The cover of the “Nevada Highways and Parks” magazine for January 1938 shows winter fun in our mountains.

The Virginia & Truckee Railway Engine 27 coming through the Carson Valley on its run to Minden on January 1, 1942